How to Send Money From Chime to PayPal

Are you facing trouble sending money from chime to PayPal? Or want to know how to send money from chime to PayPal? But don’t worry we are here to help you by solving this issue by following simple steps. When we discuss sending and receiving funds, then Chime to PayPal transactions are bound to cross minds. With the help of mobile banking, one can easily use one account to send and receive funds. 

In this article, we discuss how to send money on PayPal. You have to read this article till the end to get all the information related to it. 

How to Transfer Money from Chime to PayPal?

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There are three different methods to transfer money from chime to PayPal. You can use any method according to you. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:-

Method 1- As a Bank, Initiate Transfer of Money from Chime to PayPal

  • You have your chime routing number and bank account number. 
  • Then, add the Chime as a bank in PayPal. 
  • When it is done then, transfer the money.

Method 2-  From Your Chime Account, Transfer Money to PayPal Cash Card

  • You have to request the PayPal cash card and then activate it. 
  • Now,  get your PayPal cash card routing number and bank account. 
  • Then, send money from Chime to PayPal. 

Method 3- By Using Linked Bank Account

  • You have to link your Chime and PayPal account to an external bank account. 
  • Then, transfer money from Chime to an external account. 
  • Now, send money from an external account to a PayPal account. 

Method 1. As a Bank, Initiate Transfer of Money from Chime to PayPal

Initiate Transfer of Money from Chime to PayPal

There are some steps to follow to initiate the transfer of money on PayPal. Below are the following:-

Step 1- Find Chime Account Details

To transfer the money from chime Account to PayPal, you have to find the Chime routing number and bank account number due to the partnership with Stride Bank and Bancorp Bank. To find your Chime routing number and account number use the Chime app or the official website.

1. To find details through the Website:-

  • Open the Chime website. 
  • Log in to your account. 
  • Now, Tap on the move money and then the setting option. 
  • Now the bank number and routing number are displayed on your screen.

2. Through Chime apps, find the details:-

  • Open the application. 
  • Click on the move money then tap on the setting option.
  • Now, you can save the Chime routing and the account number. 

Step 2- As a Bank on PayPal Add Chime

You can add Chime on PayPal as a bank by following the two methods. Through the PayPal app or website:-

  1. Through PayPal Application
  • Open the PayPal app. 
  • Go to the settings in the right corner of PayPal. 
  • Then, choose the bank account and credit card tab and press + icon. 
  • Select the bank account and tap to go to the website.
  • Now, fill in the bank details on a form that is displayed on the screen. 
  • Go to the menu and choose Settings. 
  • Tap on the card and money bank. 
  • On the bank account tab, click on the link to a new bank account. 
  • Lastly, fill in your Chime account detail and tap on continue and save details. 
  1. Through the PayPal website
  • Firstly, open the PayPal account and log in to the PayPal account. 
  • Then, click on the setting and tap on money bank and card. 
  • In the bank account option, tap on the link to a new account. 
  • Now, fill in the chime account details and tap on the link bank account and save all the details. 
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Step 3- Transfer of Funds on PayPal

Follow the two methods to transfer the fund on PayPal:-

  1. Through the PayPal App:-
  • Open the PayPal app and log into your account.
  • Tap on the PayPal balance and click on add money. 
  • Choose the Chime bank account and hit the add button. 
  • Now, fill out the amount and continue to transfer. 
  1. Through PayPal Website
  • Open the website of PayPal and log into your account. 
  • Click on transfer and add money to your balance option. 
  • Choose the Chime as bank and enter the amount to send and tap on add. 
  • Lastly, click on the amount to confirm the transaction. 

Method 2. From Your Chime Account, Transfer Money to PayPal Cash Card

Transfer Money to PayPal Cash Card

You have to follow the below step carefully to transfer money to your PayPal cash card:-

Verify Your Account

The PayPal account is an e-wallet platform, but now they launch a PayPal cash card to allow users to deposit their money like other bank accounts. With this card, you can’t incur any costs while depositing. Moreover, there are no monthly fees to maintain this card but you can access this card in more than 33000 ATMs in the world. 

Firstly, make sure that your PayPal account is valid or not to obtain a PayPal cash card. To verify that just provide:-

  • Your email address
  • Contact number
  • And your name. 

When you submit all the details then your PayPal account will be verified. Apart from this, you can also apply for a PayPal credit, yet you have to link your bank account, debit card, or credit card. By doing these things, you will eligible to request from a PayPal cash card. 

Request for a PayPal Cash Card

  • Open the PayPal cash card page then hit the get the card option. 
  • Log in to the account and click on more. 
  • Now, click on the order a cash card option and confirm the address for delivery of the PayPal cash card. 

Activate the PayPal Cash Card

The delivery of the card will take up to 7-10 days. Then, activate the card by following the below steps:-

  • Login to your account and open the activation page. 
  • Now, fill in the expiry date of your PayPal cash card and tap on activate the card option. 
  • Then, enter the 4 digit pin and tap on it to create a hook and confirm card activation. 

Now, when your PayPal cash card is activated, you can access its routing number and bank number. These details are necessary whenever you try to transfer the money from Chime to PayPal. 

Find Card Routing and Bank Number

  • Open the website and log into your PayPal account. 
  • Go to the setting and click on the view direct deposit. 
  • Now, note down your bank number and PayPal cash card. 

Transfer Money From Chime Account to your PayPal Cash Card

Follow the below-mentioned steps to send money from chime to PayPal cash card:-

  • Start the chime app and log in to your chime account. 
  • Click on the move money tab and tap on transfer. 
  • After that, fill in your PayPal cash card routing and account number. 
  • Now, transfer money from Chime to PayPal.

Method 3. By Using Linked Bank Account

Steps you can follow by using the linked bank account:-

Link Chime Account to External Bank Account

  • Now, open the Chime application and log in to your account. 
  • Then, click on move money and choose transfer. 
  • Select your external bank account and enter your bank account number and routing number. 
  • After that, you can also connect a PayPal account with the same external bank account. 

Send money from Chime to External Bank Account

  • Start the application and open your account. 
  • Then, tap on the move money and click on transfer. 
  • Now, fill in your bank details and send the money. 

Add Money From External Bank to PayPal

  • Firstly, open the PayPal application. 
  • Then, tap on the PayPal balance and then add money. 
  • Tap on the external bank details and add. 
  • Now, fill in the amount that you want to send and tap continue and send money. 
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About Chime Mobile App

Chime Mobile App

The Chime app is a lot more to know and it is used to transfer money to PayPal or any other account. Due to the ease of account opening and advanced features many customers like this mobile transaction application. It comes up with the 0$ maintaining balance requirements and the automatic saving feature or the alternative to own a traditional bank account. Moreover, you have to be aware of the Chime app never offer international wire transfer. Also, not allow you to create joint accounts and has instant transfer fees. 

Winding Up!

Above we discuss How to Send Money From Chime to PayPal, we hope that all the mentioned essential information will be helpful and productive for you. Carefully, follow all the steps to send money from Chime to PayPal. If you have any issues then visit our other posts also.