Using Quickbooks Live 2022: An Extensive Guide

Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping fills the gap between the pro-advisors and self-employed by becoming a bridge between them. The services are going to help many businesses out there who cannot get the required bookkeepers to maintain their books. However, Quickbooks users become connected to ProAdvisors but many other tiny enterprises do not fall into this category. The research shows that there are almost 40% of businesses still working and managing their books and businesses on their own. Keeping this in mind, the company has come up with Quickbooks live bookkeeping to provide some significant aids to various non-Quickbooks users. If you are among those users who want to seek advice from pro-advisors then keeps on following the entire guide as we will inform you about the same through Quickbooks live bookkeeping.

What is Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping?

Quickbooks live bookkeeping

Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping Service works just like its name says. Quickbooks certified bookkeepers connect to Quickbooks clients to provide their broad services. Not only this, but they also offer some help to all the entrepreneurs who rarely get a chance to keep their eyes on the books. As many businesses don’t prefer to use online bookkeeping or accounting software, here come several certified professionals who work remotely. 

The platform is driven by Artificial Intelligence. You can get all the services by tapping on the bottom left of the software’s interface which has a tab named “Live Bookkeeping.” Just logging into the online platform and you are all prepared to have a professional bookkeeper for your books. These professionals can provide you relaxation in work like reconciliation of your transaction, categorizing expenses, and updating the books. 

Once you have enlisted your personal bookkeeper then there will come the interview phase in which you will be asked your requirements and needs. Then, according to your concern, a personalized plan is prepared to keep your book up to date. If somehow your bookkeeper becomes unable to answer your query then with the Quickbooks’ full team of experts, you can resolve your query. 

These live bookkeepers can become available via chat, phone or video screen share from 6 am to 6 pm. Therefore, you can get their services remotely without being worried about a specific place. 

An Overview of Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping

Live Bookkeeping

In June 2019, Intuit offered its first Quickbooks live bookkeeping service to a certain sum number of clients. Consequently, it has grown and developed into the list of significant services of Intuit in December 2019. As of this month, the services are provided to almost all users using Quickbooks online.  

Intuit is still progressing to provide its customers all the significant features and value. Its agenda is to offer all the required services to businesses worldwide that’s why the company keeps on working and including many services to provide satisfaction to ProAdvisors. 

It should be noted that you cannot take advantage of their services if your enterprise falls into the category of complex businesses. For instance, if your business deals in cryptocurrency, heavily mingle business and mingle expenses, or in foreign currency then you might not get the services. 

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What is the Cost of QLB? 

Live Bookkeeping does not contain any long-term contracts so you can easily cancel or switch your services at any time. There are three service plans included in this bookkeeping such as low-volume bookkeeping, medium-volume bookkeeping, and high-volume bookkeeping. We will learn each of them one by one. So, follow further. 

Low Volume Bookkeeping

All the businesses with up to $25000 in monthly expenses can have the work for $200 per month.

Medium Volume Bookkeeping

If you are running a business with $25,001 to $150,000 in monthly expenses then you need to pay $400 to have the advice of a Pro Advisor for a month. 

High-Volume Bookkeeping

It is the last and high volume plan which is made for businesses having $150,001 or more in monthly expenses. The business owner must spend $600 per month seeking advice from experts in this field. 

How the Live Bookkeeping Functions

Quickbooks live bookkeeping service

You need to first complete the signing-up procedure for Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping. Once done with that, try to provide some information related to your business. If any of the bookkeepers falls into the category of your business requirements then you will get one from them. 

The bookkeeper matches with your profile will be in your main contact but you can also have a full team of bookkeepers if you have any questions that the former one cannot answer. Within the time period, you will be provided your bookkeeper through screen sharing and video seasons. Listed below are certain things in which you can get their help. 

  • Ongoing bookkeeping

As a bookkeeper, the experts will provide you ease in various activities like reconciliation of accounts and categorizing transactions. With this help, you can get all things in one place or according to your requirements rather than the pre-designed software which somewhere lacks the essential needs. 

  • Cleanup and Setup

Rather than this, you will be also provided the services to clear the information stored in Quickbooks online. This service is very helpful for new Quickbooks users as these advisors will guide you in every way to set and add your chart of accounts. You don’t need to scratch your head when there are several experts to help you. 

  • Reporting

Every entrepreneur might face issues at the end of each month. Well, you may get some relief here as the bookkeeper will aid you in many ways through this plan. They will send you copies of financial reports that include profit and loss statements and balance sheets. 

Although you can get several kinds of services, there are major caveats too. For instance, the advisors won’t prepare or set up your payroll setup, administration, or support. Also, they are not available for filing your taxes. For these services, you might need to depend on a professional employer organization, payroll service, or accountant that are eligible to make taxes on your behalf. 


Well, this is all about the Quickbooks live bookkeeping. We hope that the article has helped you. You can think of taking some help from certified pro advisors and bookkeepers to maintain your books. Their help will save much of your time spending on those activities. That in turn can bring progress and expansion to your business. 

For small enterprises and businesses like yours, Quickbooks keeps on adding several features to provide ease. Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping is one of them. The company works with an aim to provide 100% satisfaction and this platform is also built on such criteria.  You will not receive any kind of disappointment from the professional bookkeepers. If you want to make yourself aware of any such article then read other posts on this site. You will surely like the content.