QuickBooks Installation Error Codes – Complete List With Causes & Solutions ( Updated 2022)

QuickBooks software comes with numerous beneficial features that help users perform their financial tasks with ease. However, despite offering such benefits, users often face trouble during QuickBooks Installation and encounter various QuickBooks Installation Error Codes.

The QuickBooks Installation Error Codes is a series of QB Installation errors that indicate the specific issue that a user faces. Moreover, as it is difficult to understand these error codes, we have prepared a complete list of QuickBooks Installation Error Codes.

Going through this page once will help readers to understand each of the QB Installation Error codes along with their root causes. Furthermore, we have included some proven solutions that are effective in treating this error permanently. So let’s begin.

QuickBooks Installation Error Codes: Reasons

The QuickBooks Installation Error appears when users try to install QuickBooks on their system or if they try to open QuickBooks several times.

Furthermore, the factors leading to QuickBooks Installation Error Codes are:

  • Launching QB Multiple times causes the QuickBooks Installation Error Codes appearance.
  • Improper QB file or extension name corrupts the data and causes QB installation error.
  • Corrupt or missing Microsoft component also causes the QuickBooks Installation Error code.
  • Outdated Windows OS.
  • Windows Firewall and Antivirus Configuration.

Complete List Of QuickBooks Installation Error Codes

The following table will help users to explore the different codes that fall under the QuickBooks Installation Error Codes category.

QuickBooks Error Codes General Occurrence
QuickBooks installation error 1920 During QB install/Update, when the database can’t sync with the company file.
QB Error 1601, 1603, and 1642. While installing/updating QB due to a corrupt Windows OS file.
QB 1722 Error During Install/Update of the QB with an improper setup.
QuickBooks 1712 Error
QuickBooks Error 1904
QB Error 1402: Could not open key During QB Update/Installation due to an absent component
QB Install Error 1935 While installing programs and QB is running in Windows Startup mode.
QuickBooks Error 1321
QB Error 1402
QB 1911 Error
QuickBooks 1334 Error While Installing QuickBooks Via CD
QB Error 1618 When QB Installation is already running.

Common Solutions For QuickBooks Installation Error Codes

As there are multiple QuickBooks Installation Error codes, each of them indicates a specific issue.

However, the majority of them are fixable through the below-stated solutions.

Solution 1: Downloading the Windows Updates

QuickBooks functionality depends on the system and having an outdated Windows version, puts the system at risk.

As a result, some Windows-related files get infected and the QuickBooks Install Error Codes appear. Therefore, you should verify and install the latest Windows Update for your system. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, access the “Run” box by holding “Windows+R” together.
  • Thereafter, type “Control Panel” in the blank text field.
  • Now, hit “Enter” and locate “System-Security”.
  • Then, tap “Windows-Update”.

Windows Update For QuickBooks Installation Error Fix

  • Afterward, tap “Check-Updates” and use “Install Now” if the update is available.
  • Next, perform a system reboot.
  • Finally, check if the QB installation error still exists.

Solution 2: Using Selective Startup To Install QuickBooks Software

The second common solution that is generally used for treating QuickBooks Installation Error codes is installing the QB software while using selective startup. Follow these:

  • Firstly, tap “Win+R” together.
  • Thereafter, input “MSConfig” in the required field.
  • Next, hit “Enter” and visit the “General Tab”.
  • Afterward, tap “Selective Startup”.
  • Now, visit “Services”.
  • Then, tap “Hide All Microsoft-services”.

Selective Startup For QuickBooks Installation Error Codes

  • Next, click “Disable All”.
  • Thereafter, tap “Services List” and ensure to checkmark the “Windows Explorer” box.
  • Finally, restart your system and begin the installation process to ensure if the error in QuickBooks is rectified.

Solution 3: Run the QuickBooks Diagnostic-Tool

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool helps users in diagnosing and automatically treating QB-related installation issues.

Furthermore, utilizing this tool requires users to download QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.exe or QB Tool Hub. Follow:

Step 1: Download/Install QuickBooks Tools Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub consists of various tools including the QuickBooks Diag-Tool that help treat QuickBooks errors.

Additionally, the QuickBooks Tool Hub can be downloaded and installed easily. Here’s how:

  • First, download QuickBooks Tool-Hub via Intuit’s Website.
  • Next, launch the setup.
  • Thereafter, grant installation permissions.
  • Now, the installation wizard of QB Tool Hub will appear.

Installing QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Afterward, perform the stated directions by the installation wizard.
  • Ensure to read the license and product agreement.
  • Finally, hit “Finish” when the installation succeeds.

Now, after successfully finishing the QB Tool Hub installation, perform a reboot and proceed with step 2.

Step 2: Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool For QuickBooks Installation Error

Prior to performing this step, ensure to ignore any error message appearance while installing QuickBooks. Thereafter, follow:

  • Firstly, install QuickBooks and ignore the error message by tapping “Ok” while installation.
  • Thereafter, launch “QuickBooks Tool-Hub”.
  • Now, visit “Installation-Issues”.

QB Diag Tool For QuickBooks Installation Error

  • Next, click “QuickBooks-Install Diagnostic-Tool”.
  • Afterward, it will automatically detect and treat any installation-related error.
  • Finally, perform a restart.

Performing all these solutions, will fix and prevent the QuickBooks Installation Error codes from reappearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my QuickBooks is not installing?

Following are the major reasons that might be causing your QuickBooks trouble in installing.

  • Firstly, launching a corrupt file.
  • Next, damaged Windows files.
  • Using an improper version of QB for the company file.
  • Faulty configuration of Firewall or Antivirus.

Q2. How to repair my QuickBooks installation?

In order to repair the QB installation, users should perform:

  • Firstly, tap “Start”.
  • Then, search “Control Panel”.
  • Next, visit “Program Features” and tap “Uninstall/Change-Program”.
  • Afterward, choose the QB installation version which you want to repair.
  • Thereafter, hit “Uninstall/Change”.
  • Finally, checkmark the “Repair/Radio” icon and it’ll repair the QB installation.

Q3. How to perform a clean install of QuickBooks Software?

Prior to performing a clean install, ensure to back up data and then follow:

  • Firstly, uninstall “QuickBooks”.
  • Next, download/install “QuickBooks Tools-Hub”.
  • Then, launch the “QB Tool-Hub” and visit “Installation-Issues”.
  • Finally, hit “Clean-Install Tool”.

Q4. How to install QuickBooks on my PC without a CD drive?

In case your system has no CD Drive and you wish to install QuickBooks, follow these:

  • Firstly, visit Intuit’s Website and purchase your preferred QuickBooks version.
  • Lastly, download it from there and install it by following the installation wizard’s guidelines.

Note: In case, you have purchased the CD of QuickBooks, then simply use the CD on another PC and copy the setup file from there via flash drive. Thereafter, use the flash drive to install QuickBooks on your PC.

Q5. Can QuickBooks be installed on two PCs?

Yes, the QuickBooks edition having a single-user license offers users to install the software on two PCs. Additionally, having QuickBooks Installed on two PCs enable users to work in the office as well as at home.