Top Easy Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123, 0

QuickBooks error code 6123 is not as critical as you thought. It is one of the most common errors of the software that can bring a sudden stop to all your ongoing work. But, you don’t need to be worried anymore as we are here with this post. We ensure that your work will move like before and you will feel superb good after typing out these troubleshooting methods. Just make sure to read the full post to uncover things that might help you in the future.

Well, the error can make entrances through various causes. We will discuss each of them later in the post. You will get to know various causes, symptoms, troubleshooting methods of the error that will develop a deep insight of the error issue in you. Don’t try to skip any of the sections contained in the post because every one of them is essential for conducting the troubleshooting. You may feel like jumping directly to the troubleshooting will resolve the error. But, this is not the situation. Firstly, you need to know about the error through its causes and symptoms and then move your focus towards the fixation part. Now, let’s develop our understanding of the error by jumping into a quick intro to the QuickBooks error 6123.

 What Exactly is The QuickBooks Error Code 6123, 0

quickbooks error 6123

You may encounter the error while accessing or opening the company file from the multi-user environment. It comes with the error text that says: “Error 6123, 0 Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost.” Through this text, you can bring many interpretations of its cause. But, the major cause is using McAfee security software.

Not only during accessing but also restoring the backup of the QB file can lead to this error. Due to its main reason, many people advise disabling the antivirus software but it can also lead to various problems such as malicious or corrupted programs. thereafter, it can bring damages to the company file. But, you don’t need to be worried as the problem has more than 5 and 7 solutions. You will find 11 solutions below that will definitely help in resolving the error issue. So, just focus here and remove all such thoughts that disturb your peace of mind. Now, let’s move on towards the next section and learn what are the various causes that bring this error.

Causes behind the QuickBooks Error 6123

Due to this error, you face several issues. But, you may wonder to know that all these issues and hindrances are not created on their own. There are some of the sources that lead to such issues and deny you access to the company file. So, just read below:

  • The main reason is the blocking of the path that helps in the communication of the server and the company file. Keep in mind that there might be multiple errors related to the server not responding one such error is QuickBooks error 15215, but you should not get confused as they have other ways to settle this error.
  • Also, if the Windows OS becomes damaged and cannot function properly.
  • If the name of the system that hosts the QB file is modified during hosting was enabled.
  • If there are some damaged or corrupted QuickBooks data files and program files.
  • McAfee antivirus can become another cause if block web bugs are enabled.
  • When the system has corrupted QBW files and program files.
  • The error can also occur when you restore a backup from a removable storage device or a flash drive.
  • There is a corrupt network connection in the prime system.

These are all the relevant causes that bring such issues like QuickBooks error 6123, 0. Now, let’s know about the issues that you encounter while doing some of your work. You need to know that all these issues can also be interpreted as signs to detect the error. So, don’t ever neglect them if you want to resolve the issue. 

Signs & Symptoms that Help in Identifying the Issue 

Read the signs below to identify all of the symptoms that might arise and interrupt your system. From the list, you will be able to identify the error issue.

  • You become unable to access the QuickBooks software.
  • The window shows you an error text depicting 6123 0.
  • Your computer stops in the middle of the operation.
  • The application responds improperly or inappropriately.
  • Windows become corrupted and damaged.

These are all the relevant signs that appear in your system. Now let’s get into the troubleshooting part. 

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Top Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error – 6123

Try out these solutions given below to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code 6123 0. Start from the first one and continue till you get success in resolving the issue. Make sure that there are no special characters on your file name and it should be within the limit of 30 characters. Now, let’s move on to the solutions.

Solution 1: Rename .ND and .TLG files

quickbooks error 6123 0: Renaming Files

  • Go to the folder consisting of the QB file
  • Select .ND file from there.
  • Rename the file by right-clicking on it. 
  • The user needs to rename the file by adding .OLD extension. For instance, .ND.OLD and .TLG.OLD.
  • In the end part, just access the QuickBooks company file.

Solution 2: QuickBooks Software Reinstallation 

The user should carry the product and license number of the software before proceeding with any type of reinstallation process. If you have the required things then move on towards the steps.

uninstall or change a program

  • Uninstall the QuickBooks application that is installed in your system.
  • You can do it by moving towards the Control Panel.
  • In this step, you have to use QuickBooks installation CD for the further procedure.
  • Alternatively, download the QuickBooks variant according to your preference.
  • You are all set to install QuickBooks.
  • Once done, provide your license number and Product ID. 

Quickbooks License and Product number

  • The software will become activated by entering these essential credentials. 
  • Just access the QB file now. 

Solution 3: File Name should be in 30 Characters

You must be aware that including more than 30 characters in your company file can lead to so many problems. So, try to minimize it to the limit of 30 characters including commas or spaces.

quickbooks error 6123 Text remove characters

  • Less than 30 characters. 
  • Should not consume any spaces or special characters.

Solution 4: Download and Use Quick Fix My Program

When these two solutions would not work then try to download and use the Quick Fix my Program. Well, you can download it simultaneously from the internet but we will use the tool by downloading the QuickBooks Tool hub. As it has contained lots of tools that can eliminate any kind of error issues. Now, let’s move on.

  • To initiate, shut your QuickBooks software. 
  • Try to download the updated version of the QuickBooks Tool hub file and locate it in an easily found folder. You should be aware of the errors that might appear while you trying to do the update, one such error is QuickBooks update error 15106, remember to get rid of any such errors immediately.

Quickbooks tool hub

  • Make sure to access this downloaded file.
  • Now, just install the software and also agree to the license agreement.
  • Launch the tool hub to familiarize yourself with its function.
  • From all the tabs that you see, just select Program Problems.
  • You will see the Quick Fix My Program. Click on it.

quickbooks error code 6123: QuickBooks tool hub

  • When the tool runs, wait for some time. 
  • Make sure that it can consume more time when you are operating the tool in multiple environments. 
  • When the whole process ends, just try to access QB and see whether the issue is fixed. 

Solution 5: Make a Portable QB file

Move on towards this solution if you face the error at the time of creating a backup (.qbb) on the new system. First of all, you need to make a portable QB file then restore the same. Follow the steps to conduct the same.

  • Initially, just access the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Make sure to use the system that you are using for creating the backup company file.
  • Then, access the original company file.
  • Make a portable file of the QB file.
  • Thereafter, move towards the new system and open QuickBooks desktop.
  • End the process by restoring the company file using the portable copy.
  • Don’t use the backup file in the last process.

Solution 6: Use Safe Mode 

advanced boot options

Safe mode enables the QuickBooks application to run without being interrupted by any 3rd party applications. With this, QuickBooks will run fluently and you will get no hindrances. If you don’t want to run your system in safe mode then disable 3rd party security programs for a lesser period in the same mode.

Solution 7: Use Another Location for the Company File

We will use this solution to examine the issues with the company file location. So, just make another folder, save the QB file there, and access it.

Quickbooks premier accouuntant edition

  • Verify that the file is opening properly or not.
  • Just navigate to the folder which is used for locating the QB files.
  • Select the copy option by performing a right-click on the QB file.
  • Examine that you copied the file with .QBW extension.
  • Now, make a right-click on the blank space.
  • Tap on New and then choose Folder.
  • Access the folder that you have recently made and paste the file there.
  • Just access QuickBooks and the QB file from its new folder.

Solution 8: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool and Diagnose the Issue

QuickBooks File Doctor work as a doctor to fix any kinds of issues and errors. You can use this tool and eradicate the error easily. So, let’s get started and dive into the steps to use it.

Quickbooks tool hub

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub initially.
  • Click on the Company File issues.
  • Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • The tool will open now, just bring your company file to it.
  • You can either get it from the drop-down list or the Browse button.
  • The browse button brings the file without any such effort.
  • Subsequently, choose the Check File Damage Only option.

quickbooks desktop file doctor

  • Hit Continue tab.
  • Provide the QuickBooks admin password next.
  • Again, hit Continue.
  • The repairing process will start and sort out all the issues within the company file.
  • In the last, choose the QB file from the list and tap on the Open QuickBooks option.

If you can access the QB file without any kind of hindrances and issues then you don’t need to move ahead as the error gets fixed. Just ensure to make a proper backup of the company file after accessing it.

Solution 9: Use Auto Data Recovery

Auto Data Recovery is a tool offered by Intuit to recover and restore the lost or damaged data of the company file. It is a great tool that has saved lots of company files stored the essential information of the company. You can use this tool and see how magically it performs wonder to your QB file. There are most chances that you can resolve the QuickBooks error code 6123 0 with this tool.

Solution 10: Configure Hosting Settings of the Software

switch to multi user mode

  • Just access the company file first. 
  • Click on the file and then select Switch to Single-User Mode. 
  • Now, hit the utility tab and choose to Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
  • Once done, choose File and Utilities. 
  • Select Host Multi-User Access. 
  • Click again on File and choose Switch to Multi-User Mode. 

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Solution 11: Make a New Window User

At times, the windows user login becomes damaged and corrupted. So, we require to create a new window user for that. Move on towards these steps to conduct the same.

quickbooks error code 6123 0: create a new user account

  • To begin, navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Tap on the User icon and then select Create New User.
  • Subsequently, click on the administrator for the user type.
  • Try to log out of the existing.
  • Restart the system.
  • Make sure to log in with new credentials. 
  • Locate the QB file to the desktop.  
  • Just access the QuickBooks application and the QB file. 

So, these are the entire solutions that you can conduct on your system. With these, you will easily get rid of the QuickBooks error code 6123. Make sure to perform the procedure as mentioned in the step-by-step guide. Also, don’t forget to connect to the QuickBooks technical support team if none of the methods worked in your favor. You can take the professional’s and expert’s help by just dialing. If you are not comfortable talking to them overcall, then just drop a mail and conduct the chat processes.