All about Data and Export Errors in QuickBooks

Export errors appear while exporting data from QuickBooks Online to Excel. If you are struggling with the same then make sure to read the whole guide. Here, you will be guided through all the ways possible to troubleshoot the exporting from QuickBooks to excel problems. Moreover, the solutions will be preferable to those who are not confident enough to solve the issue on their own. 

Errors when you export data from QuickBooks Online

Exporting from QuickBooks to excel problems occur when the software cannot identify the excel installed in the system. Well, the most over-rated solution is the repairing of the Microsoft office. But, if you have tried it and still face issues then make sure to get into the guide below and learn more on this issue. 

Causes of Exporting from QuickBooks to Excel Problems

Your system might be dealing with any of these factors while exporting QuickBooks to excel. You need to enlighten yourself with all the causes and features responsible for the issue. So, let’s move ahead and learn all other factors triggering the issue. 

  • Installing the QuickBooks in the wrong way. 
  • Improper work of the file registry. 
  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks. 
  • The system requirements are not fulfilled before exporting. 
  • Microsoft Excel software is faulted. 
  • Leaving the QuickBooks update in between the procedure. 
  • Hard drive issues, lack of storage, and the low processor can be other factors leading to the issue. 

 Factors behind the QuickBooks Export to Excel not Working on Mac 

Mac users can find the issue due to lots of factors described in the pointers below: 

  • The hard drive should be 250 MB and above space. 
  • Not using the MAC OS 10.10.2 and MAC 2016 R5 for exporting. 
  • The capacity of RAM is lower than 2-4 GB. 
  • Speed of Internet connection is slower than required. 

If you also have these causes then make sure to root out them and perform the export procedure. However, if you still face the issue then it is preferable to use the clean install tool on QuickBooks. You can move towards the 5th solution to know how to run the tool. 

How can I identify Export QuickBooks to Excel?

There are lots of ways that help you to identify the issue. You can move towards the pointers below to know them. 

  • The QuickBooks software is damaged
  • Issues within the QuickBooks software. 
  • MS Excel is not running properly. 

Features of Export provided in QuickBooks 

QuickBooks provides lots of features that help the user to export different items into some other platform. You can get into the list and know them. 

  • Calendar Export: Calendar export tool enable the user to export the calendar to some other app. Just click on this option and enable this export feature. 
  • Bill Export: Make sure to export the .csv and .iif format file from your QB software. 
  • Contact Notes Export: If you want to export your contact notes then use this option. 
  • QuickBooks Transaction Import: This feature allows every user to import the data files in .iif and .csv formats. You just make sure to have an advanced version of the tool to make it function better. 

You can use these varieties of options to export the QuickBooks files into excel. 

System Requirements to fix exporting from QuickBooks to excel problems 

Not only the solutions but fulfilling the system requirements would also resolve the export issue. So, make sure to consider it before trying your hands on the troubleshooting part. 

  • Internet Explorer Browser 6.0
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10
  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Internet Connection

Points to Take care before Exporting QuickBooks to Excel

Not only the system requirements but you also need to consider the pointers below before exporting from QuickBooks to excel. 

  • Update the drivers
  • Make sure that you updated the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Disable the antivirus if they are creating any kind of hindrances. 
  • Prepare a backup of the company file. 
  • QuickBooks program should be active. 

Now, you are ready to conduct the troubleshooting part. So, let’s just proceed ahead and fix the export QuickBooks to excel issue. 

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Best Ways to Fix QuickBooks won’t Export to Excel 

Below are provided several solutions that you can perform on your own. So, let’s proceed ahead and start with the first solution to resolve the issue. 

Solution 1: Configure Security Setting

QuickBooks export to excel not working : configure security settings

Security setting needs to be configured properly from the steps provided below. 

  • Initially, access the QuickBooks software. 
  • Now, you need to specify the login credentials. 
  • Make sure to head towards the Settings button. 
  • Choose Internet Options. 
  • Once done, hit the Security button. 
  • The user is now supposed to click on the Trusted Sites. 
  • Put a tick mark on the box beside Enable Protected Mode. 
  • Don’t forget to choose the sites. 
  • Consequently, enter 
  • Hit Done and close the software. 

Solution 2: Create a New QuickBooks Online Account

QuickBooks won't export to excel : create new account

Try to build a new QuickBooks Online account as the previous one may have created issues. 

  • Click on the Edit menu in the first place. 
  • Thereafter, choose the Preferences button. 
  • Now, head towards Company Preferences. 
  • Once done, select Full Payroll. 
  • Make sure to create a dummy employee. 
  • Afterward, you are ready to build a new QuickBooks Online account.

Solution 3: Make a New Worksheet to Excel 

export QuickBooks to excel : create a new worksheet

If the error is not resolved then try to create a new worksheet to excel. 

  • Initiate the procedure by accessing the Customer Center. 
  • Proceed towards the Transaction panel. 
  • Thereafter, try to save the transaction. 
  • Afterward, the user is required to perform a right-click on the transaction. 
  • Once done, hit the option titled Transaction Journal. 
  • Additionally, head towards the Excel option. 
  • In the end, just select Create a new worksheet to export. 
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Solution 4: Access the Item First then Report

The user needs to consider the feature that they want to access on the non-transaction form. Here is what you need to do. 

  • Firstly, head towards the List menu. 
  • Then, make sure to access the Item list. 
  • Additionally, go to the Report menu and access any of them. 
  • Hit on the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose Export to Excel. 
  • Alternatively, you can also choose Email as an Excel option to get rid of QuickBooks won’t export to excel.

Solution 5: Run Clean Install Tool

If you still cannot export QuickBooks to excel then head towards this solution and try to run the clean install tool. Here is what you need to know for running this dynamic tool. Well, this solution will be preferable to Mac users also. 

  • Make sure that you have created the data of your QuickBooks.
  • Now, head towards the Start menu. 
  • Expand the Control Panel window. 
  • Head towards the Programs and Features option. 
  • You can also choose to Uninstall a Program button. 
  • Go through the list inside the installed programs and choose the rightful version. 
  • Additionally, you need to tap on Uninstall/Change. 

excel to QuickBooks : uninstall QuickBooks

  • If you cannot see this option then make sure to sign out and sign back to the windows with admin rights. 
  • Once done with the uninstallation, try to download and install the QuickBooks tool hub from Inuit’s official site. 
  • Then, open the tool hub and head towards the Installation Issue tab. 
  • You need to now choose the Clean Install Tool. 

QuickBooks clean install tool

  • Hit the OK button. 
  • Consequently, choose the relevant QuickBooks and product version. 
  • Make sure to hit the Continue tab. 
  • Meanwhile, choose OK if you see any other prompt on your computer screen. 
  • Then, try to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • QuickBooks export to excel not working issue will get resolved now.

Solution 6: Import from QuickBooks import from QuickBooks

  • Start the procedure by logging in to the QuickBooks account. 
  • Head towards the Settings icon.
  • Now, you need to enter the contact information. 
  • Fill in other required items as well. 
  • Once done, hit the Save button. 
  • Thereafter, just choose Done. 
  • In the end, just access your QB desktop and import from QuickBooks. 

Solution 7: Repair Microsoft Office Software

The user is now required to repair the Microsoft office software if the exporting from QuickBooks to excel problems is still there. Make sure to do it according to your windows. 

Windows 10

  • Hit the Start button on your keyboard. 
  • Choose MS excel. 
  • Thereafter, select Modify. 
  • Make sure to choose the Online Repair. 
  • In the end, just click on Repair
  • Hit the Continue button. 
  • Go through the instructions carefully that appear on your desktop. 

Windows 8.1, 8, 7, or Vista

  • Initially, click on the Start button.
  • Then, choose Control Panel.
  • You need to now choose the Programs. 
  • Once done, hit the tab named Uninstall a Program. 
  • Select Microsoft Excel. 
  • Click on Change. 
  • Tap the Online Repair button. 
  • Finally, just choose Repair. 
  • Choose Continue and attempt the guidelines. 

Solution 8: Toggle Windows UAC Settings

Toggle Windows UAC settings

If excel gets some restrictions from the User Account Control settings then make sure to try out the steps given below. 

  • Access the Windows Start button. 
  • Go to the search panel and enter User Account Control Settings. 
  • Move down the slider to the Never Notify icon.
  • Meanwhile, hit the Ok button. 
  • Just restart the system. 

Solution 9: Open or Restore Company

Open or restore company

  • First of all, just close your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Now, you are required to copy the company files. 
  • After that, paste the same on the desktop. 
  • Launch the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Also, choose File. 
  • Once done, just choose Open or Restore Company to access the data. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is the procedure for Exporting Invoices from QuickBooks Desktop to Excel?

Below are provided the steps that will help you to export invoices from QuickBooks desktop to excel. 

  • Head towards the Reports. 
  • Now, try to add the invoice lists. 
  • The user is then required to customize the report. 
  • Thereafter, tap the option titled Run report. 
  • Head towards the Export button. 
  • Finally, just choose Export to Excel. 

2. Can I export reports from QuickBooks Online to Excel?

Yes, you can easily export the reports from QuickBooks online to excel. The steps below will guide you. 

  • Initiate by clicking the Reports. 
  • Then, choose the Export menu. 
  • After that, choose another tab Export to excel. 
  • Just save the file in the system. 

3. Can I Export transactions from a QuickBooks file to another?

  • Use the BRC Transaction Copier to copy and paste the transactions. 
  • Place the file in another location.