A Complete Guide to Download & Install Turbo Tax Using License Key

Tax Filing is one of the confusing tasks that an accountant has to carry out. But, what if you get the software to automatically file all your taxes annually? Surely fascinating it will be for you. So, this is where Turbotax can help you. This application will help you go through the tax filing just sitting at home. It enables the user to organize the data and file taxes without any hassle. The software is gaining day-by-day popularity and people are shifting to Turbotax for easier tax filing. If you are also intrigued to use this application, start with learning how to install TurboTax. Here, in this article, we have explained to you how to download Turbotax using installturbotax com on Windows 10, iPhone, or also, fix the related issues. Let’s get started with this guide for you.

install turbotax

General Steps to Install TurboTax

The application has a very simple user interface so that the user can easily file taxes online. To use the application, you need to download turbo tax premier 2020 or another version from the official website and then install the same on the system. To assist you with the same, we have listed all the steps that you will have to follow below.

turbo tax premier 2020: Download using website

  • The very first thing that you need to make sure of is that you have a strong internet connection on your system.
  • After that, open any web browser of your choice and ensure that it is updated. On your browser’s address bar, type installturbotax com.
  • You will then be redirected to the official Turbotax. In case you have an existing TurboTax account, you will have to type your credentials and then log in to your account. In case you are new to it, choose to create an account.
  • Now, you need to look for the download option. Click on the option to start turbo tax download.
  • When done, you will have to open the “downloads” folder on your system and double-click on the installer file. It will have the name of the tax year.
  • Next, tap on the Install option and then start the installation process.
  • On completion of the process, you need to tap on the Finish option.
  • In the end, you will have to type your activation code when prompted and tap on Next.

Steps to conduct TurboTax Installation on Windows 11

Windows 11 users must get into the steps below to learn how to download Turbotax 2022 on their operating system. 

  • To initiate, close all the running applications and programs on the device. 
  • Thereafter, try to disable the Firewall and Antivirus. 
  • Open the CD drive and insert the product CD. 
  • Consequently, tap Run setup.exe. 
  • Try to download a copy of this billing software. 
  • Ensure that you double-click on the installer option. 
  • Choose Next. 
  • Hit the I agree on the button and accept the license agreement. 
  • Further, tap the Change button. 
  • Try to find a different folder if you want to install this software on another system. 
  • Remove the checkmark from ‘Sure, count me in the box’ to secure the anonymous performance report. 
  • Ensure to hit the Install button. 
  • Also, keep in mind that the procedure only takes around 3 to 5 minutes. 

Just execute as provided in the above steps to install TurboTax on Windows 11. 

Steps to Install TurboTax on Windows 10

It is not very difficult to install the Turbo tax on window 10. You can do it in two ways: With a CD or without a CD. To perform TurboTax 2020 download on Windows 10, go through all the steps mentioned below. We have mentioned both methods individually. Choose the one that is according to your convenience.

turbo tax download: Windows 10

With CD:

  • To start with, you will have to terminate all the background processes running on the system. Also, ensure to disable the antivirus application installed on the system.
  • After this, you will have to insert the installation TurboTax CD into the system. From the folder, you will have to click on the option to start the setup.exe file.
  • In case you are looking for the online copy of the TurboTax application, you can visit installturbotax com and then double-click on the file.
  • Click on the Next option and when the license prompt will appear on the screen, choose the “I Agree” option.
  • When done, choose the installation folder and if you want to change the folder, you will have to tap on the change option.
  • Tap on the Install button. The process will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.

 Without CD:

  • Ensure to close all the applications running in the background including the web browser that you are using.
  • You will also have to disable the firewall application installed on the system.
  • After this, you will have to start a web browser on the system then open installturbotax com in the address bar.
  • You will then have to find the download option and click on it.
  • Now, choose the edition of the turbo tax application that you wish to download. Click on the download option and start the installation process.
  • In the end, complete the process by following all the instructions appearing on the screen.

Steps to Download TurboTax on Windows 8

Now, if you are using Windows 8, here are all the steps to download and install turbo tax on the system.

  • First, you will have to open the official TurboTax on the system and then download the application.
  • Now, hover to the “downloads” section and then click on the downloaded file and open the installation window.
  • After this, in case you are facing issues while installing the application on the system, you may have to use the optical drive to install turbo tax on the system.
  • Next, you will have to insert the drive into the system.
  • Open the Run window on the screen by pressing the Windows and R keys together.
  • You will then have to tap on the Browse option and then choose the drive where you have stored the file.
  • Now, under this, click on the setup file twice, and then the installation process will start.
  • Wait till the installation process will complete. You will then have to type the activation code and then click on the continue button.

Steps to Download TurboTax on iPhone

Now, if you have an iPhone and you wish to download and install turbo tax premier 2020 or any other version of the application, here is what you need to do. Though the process is simple to carry out, you must still go through all the steps so that you do not face issues. Check out the steps below.

turbotax 2020 download: Iphone

  • To begin with, you will have to start the app store and look for the search box.
  • In the search bar, you will have to type Turbotax.
  • Now, when the application will appear on the screen, choose the Get option.
  • Wait for the application to completely download and then click on the Open button.
  • Now, if you have not registered on TurboTax, you will have to tap on the create account option, or else you can choose to enter your login credentials and sign in.
  • When done, you will have to follow all the instructions appearing on the screen to complete to file the tax return.

Steps to Install TurboTax on iPad

Same as an iPhone, you can perform Turbotax 2020 download on your iPad. The steps that you need to follow are the same as mentioned for iPhone. The application can be downloaded easily from installturbotax com. All you have to do then is to follow all the steps appearing on the screen. In case you face any issues while installing the application, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

  • Terminate all the applications running in the background. Force stop if needed.
  • You will then have to restart your iPad and then check if you are still facing the issue.
  • Moreover, if you are facing the same issue on the Windows operating system, you can choose to run the setup file in compatibility mode. Ensure that you run the setup file as an admin.
  • Other than this, you will have to uninstall the application and then install it again.

Steps to Install Turbo Tax on Android

Now, if you wish to use or install TurboTax on android, you can use two methods. One is to install using the Installturbotax com and the other is to download from the play store. Below we have listed all the steps that you will have to follow.

turbotax 2020 download android

  • First, you will have to open the Google play store on the device.
  • In the play store, go to the search bar and then type TurboTax.
  • You will then have to click on the install option present besides the Turbo Tax return app.
  • Next, you will have to wait for the tool to download on the device. Now, use your credentials and then log in to the application using your credentials.
  • When done, go through all the steps to fill in taxes.

Resolve TurboTax Problems during Installation in Windows 11

At times, users get stuck in the middle while installing this e-billing software in Windows 11. Not only do they encounter a blank screen but many other issues as well. But, you shouldn’t be worried as modification in resolution can fix the issue. So, let’s do it with the help of these steps: 

  • Initially, open the downloaded file. 
  • Then, modify the resolution. 
  • Once done, a new window will pop up. 
  • Try to specify the license code by clicking on the window. 
  • *IS* information has been successfully added now. 
  • Ensure to tap the Ctrl + V buttons. 
  • Consequently, modify the resolution. 
  • Also, try to examine whether the license key you put is correct or not. 
  • Click on another option titled verify/continue. 
  • Try to modify the resolution now. 
  • Continuously do it till a registration window appears. 

Resolve Installation Issues in Windows 10

You will not face any kinds of issues once conducting these solutions. 

TurboTax Installation Error

Solution 1: Run the Setup File

TurboTax installation would run safely if you run the setup file in compatible mode with admin access. This is how you should run the setup file to eradicate the issue. 

  • Go to the folder where you saved the Setup.exe file. 
  • Perform a right-click on it and try to modify the properties.
  • Thereafter, head towards the Compatibility section. 
  • Also, insert a tick mark on the Run this program as an administrator. 
  • Now, insert another tick mark on Run this program in compatibility mode. 
  • Tap on the rightful version of your Windows. 
  • Click on the last version and save all these changes. 
  • Subsequently, you need to confirm the dialog appearing on the window. 
  • Keep in mind that the launcher is launched with admin rights. 
  • Then, start the installation. 

Solution 2: Close the Tasks in Task Manager

If you are still having issues then try to end the tasks within Task Manager. It will help you to continue with the installation. 

Solution 3: Antivirus Reinstallation 

You can also eradicate the issues by reinstalling the antivirus software. Also, if you update it to the latest release then again the problem gets resolved. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use my Turbo Tax account for multiple people?

Yes, TurboTax can be accessed by five users. But, make sure to have different accounts and user IDs for the return of the purchase. 

2. How many times can I use TurboTax software?

The user can install, activate, and use TurboTax on five different systems. After completing the installation, make sure to use the software for filling the federal returns. 

3. My computer lacks a CD drive. So, what to do now?

If you have the product CD but not a CD drive on your computer then learn how to conduct the TurboTax installation: 

  • Double-click on the web browser. 
  • Head towards the Turbo Tax official site. 
  • Try to download the setup file. 
  • After this, save the file to the preferable folder. 
  • Perform a double-click to initiate the installation procedure. 

4. Can I download TurboTax on Android?

Yes, you can easily download TurboTax on Android with the help of these steps: 

  • Open the Play store. 
  • Enter TurboTax in the search bar. 
  • Hit the Download button. 
  • Once the software is downloaded, click on the Install button. 
  • Now, you can easily run the software.

5. Why cannot I install TurboTax?

If you cannot install the TurboTax software then use the Windows System File Checker tool on the device. Also, you can consider the CD drive to install the software with the product CD. In case, you are trying to install the software with the same downloaded file then make sure to remove the file and download it again. 

6. What is the procedure for downloading TurboTax without a CD?

If the software CD is missing then try to download and install the TurboTax program by navigating to the TurboTax official site. After a proper download, launch the file and go through the instructions prompted on the screen. 

7. How to install TurboTax on a second computer?

The user can successfully install the software on a second computer as the software can be installed on 5 devices. 

8. Can I use the same serial number for systems having TurboTax?

Yes, you can use the same serial number on five different devices to access the TurboTax software. 

9. What is the procedure for transferring TurboTax from Windows to Mac?

The user first needs to locate the tax file from last year and copy it to a pen drive. Thereafter, paste it on the Mac desktop. Finally, just access the software on Mac. Choose File New Tax Return and thereafter hit the Begin button.

10. What is the basic difference between TurboTax Desktop and TurboTax Online?

While TurboTax desktop is a stand-alone program on the system, TurboTax Online keeps the ongoing work through the website. TurboTax Online can be accessed without any downloading and installation procedure. 

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