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The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the highest accounting qualification in the US. It has global credibility. It is the most demanded certification in various public firms and companies. In this guide, we will cover CPA salary NYC and many more things which means that you will get the best about CPA. So, just follow the guide below if you want to work as CPA in NYC.

What Is A CPA, Certified Public Accountant?


Certified Public Accountant is a title given to a certified accountant. It is more like a license for people who clear the CPA exam. Through this certification, you will become eligible to offer accounting services to the common people. It should be noted that not all accountants are CPAs but all CPAs are accountants.

CPAs more often provide services like auditing, investigating frauds, giving advice on taxation matters, conducting business valuations, and many more. Well, the requirements of License vary in each state. You can get a brief about it in the later sections.

Although you can get only one CPA license, many CPA holders get further credentials. This implies the experts of specific areas of Accounting.

For instance, a Forensic CPA can take a Certified Fraud Examiner certification and focus on auditing and anti-fraud investigations. activities. Moreover, you can find your CPA roles in law enforcement, banking, governmental agencies, and insurance.

What is the CPA salary in NYC?


An entry-level Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with less than 1-year experience can earn almost $60,230. This indicates an average total compensation that includes bonuses, tips, and overtime pay based on 9 salaries. If we talk about a CPA with 1-4 years of experience then he can earn almost $70,000 based on 60 salaries. However, a mild career CPA with 5-9 years of experience can earn an average compensation of $88,104 based on 48 salaries. If you are having experience of around 10-19 or 20 years and higher then you can earn around $109,927 or $112,500.

What Do Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Do

CPA firms NYC

Certified Public Accountants usually control the tax, virtual accounting, corporation or individual clients, reporting, or audit processes for the government. Their duties depend on their employer and specialization. Moreover, the tasks performed by CPAs include; preparing documentation, reporting related to finances, audits, or taxes, staying up-to-date on modifications in government regulations. Accountants also perform audits as well as provide suggestions on enhancing bookkeeping and recordkeeping processes.

CPAs work in their office setting with computer-based work. They are also required to work long hours, especially at times of the annual tax season which is happened from January to April. Also, CPAs work in a lot of settings, for instance, companies in a range of industries, federal government agencies, local, state, non-profit organizations, and many more. These accountants also have a specialization in auditing, planning, taxes, and valuation. 

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The requirements to become a CPA

CPA salary NYC

As we have mentioned earlier the requirements to become a CPA vary by 50 states. But, you must have the following things that every state mostly desires. 

  • All 50 states need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or related field.
  • The minimum age to take the CPA exam is 21 in New York.
  • Must have a minimum score of 75 to pass the CPA exam.
  • You need to obtain a 1-year experience prior to taking the exam.
  • Also, try to finish 150 college semester hours.
  • The final thing to do is to maintain CPA with continuing education.

Skills that increase CPA salary NYC

dollars in hand

There are lots of skills that can affect your salary. Check out some skills below and start working on them:

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Accounting 10{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3}
General Ledger Accounting 4{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3}
Software Knowledge 3{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3}
Financial Analysis 19{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3}
Auditing 17{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3}
Intuit Quickbooks 10{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3}

Top Accountant Firms in NYC for CPA

We tried to provide you a relevant data about the CPA as a career. That’s why we include this section also. Below is a list of top accountant CPA firms in NYC. so, get a glimpse of that too. 

212 Tax Accounting

Tax Accounting

212 Tax Accounting serves different industries such as medical, real estate, and legal. Also, it supports businesses and individuals by offering services like tax preparation, Quickbooks training, and audit services. The team is always ready to provide you with better help in tax and accounting issues. Moreover, they think out of the box and come up with clear advice to guide their clients. 

Specifications: Business Services, Tax Planning & Preparation Services, Tax Resolution.

Location: 600 3rd Ave 2nd floor, New York, NY 10016

Your Tax Advisor

Tax advisor

The firm provides services to individuals as well as to medium-sized enterprises. It has almost 27 years of experience in offering specialized tax assistance. Your Tax Advisor also develops comprehensive financial planning strategies. 

They provide various services like personal financial planning, accounting, payroll, audits, reviews, tax planning and preparation and compilation, and more. There are three foundations of their success such as quality, professionalism, and responsiveness. 

Specifications: Business Accounting Services, International Taxation, Individual Accounting Services. 

Location: 303 5th Ave # 909, New York, NY 10016



Although the firm is smaller than others it feels proud of offering some best accounting firms‘ services that have developed trust among its clients. Therefore, they keep on coming back to their one-stop solution. I & U CPA, LLC can develop a pure relation with any business and help them to get success. 

Some of their quite impressive things as commitment are as follows: Quality service, responsiveness, client’s expectations, and much more. They also provide a personalized service depending on the client’s requirements. 

Specifications: Wealth Management, CFO Services, Accounting Services, Tax Services. 

Location: 1 World Trade Center F1 85, New York, NY 10007

Commerce CPA LLC

commerce CPA, LLC

The firm provides a complete range of services like business services, consulting, outsourcing, bookkeeping, payroll. Professional accountants also help you to manage your financial records properly and accurately. 

The clients can avail their services online with the system developed by them. The service eases various tasks such as filing taxes and accessing business and financial files. 

Specification: Review and Compilation, Business Consulting, Accounting, and Bookkeeping, Cloud Accounting

Location: 10 Times Square 1441, Broadway Suite 3046, New York, NY 10018

Well, this is the guide related to CPA salary NYC and other relevant things that you should know. We have covered every significant information about the title. So, just, scroll through the full post and read all the relevant information. Hopefully, the article has helped you.