5 Best Consulting Firms To Work For In NYC (Powerful Leading Clients)

New York is a global center of innovation and finance, making it an attractive location for consulting firms to expand their operations. You will find the most popular and best consulting firms in NYC because the firms here go beyond everyone’s expectations. 

We know that no company or business can reach the top entirely on its own. Professional services are a must for companies when they are struggling with HR, Public Relations, IT,  Financial Services, Consultation, Guidance, and other areas.

The right service providers minimize pressure and offer the solutions essential for businesses to prosper. Basically, companies have problems, and consulting firms solve them.

Talking about NYC, there are so many experts evaluated consulting firms that help brands reach new heights. NYC offers the best consulting firms to work for by giving you incredible services and goals.

Now the main concern comes, how to pick the best from the best financial consulting firms in NYC? We are here to sort this problem only.

Let’s choose the best company by filtering team size, budget, reviews, and city to make your business grow quickly.



The following 5 consulting firms in NYC give you incredible services by going beyond what’s expected, redefining industry practices, and identifying what exactly modern businesses demand to flourish over the long term. They are:

  • First & First Consulting
  • Stride Consulting
  • Postlight
  • Deloitte
  • MDC Partners

Before delving deeper into these consulting firms. Let’s first understand why all businesses need them badly. 

Why Companies Really Need Financial Consulting Firms in NYC

Although there are thousands of solid reasons to go for consulting firms in NYC still we have listed the best 4. These 4 points are enough to explain why companies really need consulting firms.

Want an Outside Eye?

Why everyone needs consulting service in NYC

What do you do when you are going through some rough phase in your life? You turn to your family and friends for their opinions, right? 

The same ways companies also need this, especially when they are making tough decisions. Oftentimes, you have ideas about how to solve an issue but to become 100% sure you need consulting firms to come in.

This is true not just any opinion: Because consulting firms in NYC often work with multiple companies. They know how to deal with problems as they have solved tons of issues with someone else in the past.

So, they know that they have the correct perspective and can bring possible challenges and innovative ideas to your table.

Need Extra Horsepower?

There are instances when companies must solve their problems but don’t have the manpower.  Companies have already a lot on their plate such as managing day-to-day operations, and other projects.

Extra horsepower -Man Power

Hiring new employees to fill the gap for more projects does not make any sense. This is because many projects are short-term/one-offs. 

In such instances, consultants serve as contractual and extremely highly skilled employees. They aren’t full-time employees, so are cheaper to use. In this way, firms don’t have to distract their employees from their actual jobs.

Want Specialized Skills?

Another, but most common reason companies hire consulting firms in NYC is because they need unique skills that are not easily available in-house.


When they engage with a consulting firm, they work with professionals having skills ranging from finance organization structures to Lean Six Sigma design.

These highly qualified individuals are not only expensive to hire but companies might not have sufficient work to keep them busy all year round. But, thanks to consulting firms in New York, companies can easily bring the experts on demand when they want them.

Want a Safe Zone?

There are times when companies work on a controversial project or a challenging problem. During that time, it’s really hard to take the necessary actions and make correct decisions keeping emotions and politics aside.

So, they hire financial consulting firms to offer impartial decisions and perform some dirty work.

consulting firms are a Safe Zone

They not only see the problems from a different perspective but also offer a fresh viewpoint, objective, and deliver results without thinking about what internal staff feels.

How do Financial Consulting Firms NYC Work?

A consultancy firm basically comprises various professional consultants that offer skilled advisory services and guidance.

These services support and advise companies to achieve their goals and maximize their profits, performance capabilities, and growth, via data-driven analysis.

A consulting firm is capable of offering a number of services from planning to problem-solving strategies.

Sometimes the scope of work of the company often exceeds and they need actionable results and implementation solutions. Here, the consulting firms come to your rescue and prove to be extremely profitable for you.

For example: Before starting any start-up/business you first learn the basic steps. Does not matter if you already have expertise in consulting, you still want to give top-notch performance by developing your marketing and business strategy.

So, here you should definitely go for the best consulting firms in NYC for your business’s growth and success.

What Consultants Do For Your Company 

Consultants For Your Company 

Consultants are paid for their expertise and knowledge. The term “consultant” refers to a person who uses their expert knowledge in their profession to offer guidance and advice to a firm or an individual.

The responsibilities of a consultant vary, but their main goal is to use their skill set to look for solutions and make recommendations.

Their ultimate purpose is to deliver answers to their clients about their business concerns. These services range from improving a company’s position to enhance its level in the market.

Who are the Clients?

The clients of consulting firms in NYC are often leading businesses. These include Fortune 1,000 companies such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola), governments (US Energy Dept.), investors (Private Equity firms such as KKR), and nonprofits (Foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates).

Each consulting NYC firm has a specific client base (sometimes a different sector). However,  major clients of many consulting firms’ are from the first category: Reputed and Big Businesses.

Best Consulting Firms to Work for in NYC

Best Consulting Firms to Work for in NYC

Now, let’s move to the most important part i.e finding the best consulting firms in NYC and how to pick the excellent one.

1. First & First Consulting

Established: 2017

Industry Type: Technical and Management Consulting Services

What They Do: Neither completely analytics nor strategy, First & First Consulting have well-trained staff in planning consumer-centric strategy.

They have excellent -in-class tools with leveraging fresh research methods that help companies make more informed business judgments.

First & First specializes in offering actionable insights created specifically to tackle unique questions. 

Benefits They Offer

  • Generous PTO
  • The policy of documented equal pay 
  • Remote work program
  • Tuition reimbursement 

2. Stride Consulting

Established: 2014

Industry Type: Information Technology 

What They Do: This consulting 

Stride Consulting has trained full-stack developers with high technical teams in different industries. Stride’s consultants offer mentorship required for teams to make them their highest functioning versions.

They use agile consulting, agile team augmentation, and agile software development consulting. Through this, Stride brings fresh data engineering as well as software delivery practices, and digital strategy to tech teams.

Clients They Have Sony, Codecademy, NBC Universal,  and Casper.

Benefits They Offer:

  • Leading clients
  • Fresh digital strategy
  • Sustainable technology practices
  • Web application development, DevOps, product management, mobile app development, and cloud development.

3. Postlight

Industry Type: Digital Product as well as Services 

What They Do: Postlight is small but features a creative technologists team that works together to offer clients new platform architecture, product strategy,  product design, and software engineering.

They have a principle “timely ship code, bring passion to their work and zero quality compromise”. This is one of the best consulting firms in NYC that keeps your businesses at the forefront with technology.

And the best part is, its client base consists of leading companies. 

Clients They Have: Bloomberg Media, Barnes & Noble, VICE Media, Goldman Sachs, and The Players’ Tribune.

Benefits They Offer:

  • Millions of users
  • Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Proven Leadership
  • High Success Rate

4. Deloitte

Established: 1845

Industry Type: Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Virtual Accounting, and Payroll Services

What They Do: The world’s biggest consulting firm, Deloitte, helps businesses to take bold action and get long-term results.

This is how they actually operate. With dedicated professionals in multiple independent firms globally, Deloitte’s workforce is dedicated to offering clients audits, financial advisory, consulting, tax risk management, and other related services in the retail, automotive, transportation, financial, energy, and tech industries.

Clients They Have Worked With: Morgan Stanley, Metlife, The Blackstone Group, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Boeing More de, GM, Apollo Global Management

Benefits They Offer: 

  • Performance bonuses
  • Competitive PTO package
  • Fitness subsidies
  • Dependent care
  • Volunteer time off
  • Adoption assistance. 

5. MDC Partners

Established: 1980

Industry Type: Advertising/Public Relations

What They Do: MDC Partners is among the globe’s most rapidly developing and powerful marketing and communication groups.

On a domestic and international scale, MDC Partners’ agencies serve over 1,700 clients, utilizing technology, insights, data analytics, and strategic consulting services with a specialized and extremely collaborative approach.

Clients They Have: Anomaly, 72andSunny, HL Group, 6Degrees, and Yes and Company.

Benefits They Offer:

  • Leading-edge technology
  • Leading clients base
  • Highly collaborative approach
  • Good success rate

5 Points to Consider While Going For a Consulting Firm

5 Points to Consider While Going For a Consulting Firm in NYC

The main concern is, there are plenty of consulting firms in NYC but how to pick the best? How should you seek expert advice?

The right fit totally depends on your goals but here are five important points that will determine if the consulting firm fits your needs or not.

Track Success Records

Always inquire about who they’ve collaborated with and how effective the project was. While some consultants are excellent at pitching you, they have no track success record. As a result, it’s critical to discuss the firm’s past experience with a firm of your size or problem like yours.

Always check whether the firms you’re considering can provide you with references from former clients who can be witnesses to a successful project.

Real client references will assist you in determining which consulting company is most suited to solve your challenges.

An Experienced Team

The way a consulting firm pitches you as a customer reveals a lot about them. The top consulting companies value your time and will not waste it by presenting you to their senior members. They should have the ability to perform the task with less experienced consultants. 

In addition to hiring professional consultants, your business must decide whether you want a single consultant or a group to collaborate on your project.

Your company’s budget along with other requirements will help you determine how big a team you need to hire.

Added Value

You might think that it is wise to hire a professional. But the point is, that your company should hire an expert who has experience of working with many industries. 

An expert with experience can come up with innovative solutions for your business. Also, try to seek more skills to your team rather than just enhancing what they can provide already as experts in their particular fields.

Communication Skills

This is the most crucial factor while determining a consulting firm. It should listen to you properly and communicate efficiently. 

Ensure that the team is paying attention to your requirements and possesses the ability to offer an unbiased and honest opinion about the problems with solutions.

Effective communication techniques are crucial to making your company’s relationship beneficial.

Reasonable Cost Structure

It is obvious that companies hire consultants because they can’t hire an entire team. Therefore cost structure should be an important factor while picking a consulting firm in NYC.

You want a firm that offers you sufficient services at an affordable price making some financial sense.

But that does not mean you will go for the cheapest one. An inexperienced consultant can offer you cheap services but can take longer to meet your goals.

On the other hand, an experienced consultant can help you reach your goals quickly but at some high costs. So, whatever the qualifications are, keep your budget in your mind while speaking with consulting firms.

Know what exactly you’re searching for, and get to it!

Now you must have got a crystal clear idea of why companies really need consulting firms in NYC. You really can’t reach new levels without professional guidance. 

We have picked the best consulting firms in NYC that offer incredible services by going beyond expectations, innovating new industry practices, and identifying what exactly your business needs to grow quickly.

Since not all firms offer genuine services, this list will help you pick the correct consulting firm for your company’s well growth.

Whatever your aims and goals are, ensure that the consultant you are choosing has the proper background and necessary skills to help you in your project. Good Luck!