What is Chime Spending Limit ?

Do you want to know the spending limits of your Chime? Or can you spend an unlimited amount from the Chime Spending Account? Then, don’t worry, we are here to help you by providing all the information like Chime spending limit, deposit limit, daily withdrawal limit, and Chime withdrawal limits in this article. The compact banking system gives you all the services of traditional banks. It is important to know the Chime Spending limits before any transaction. 

You have to read the whole article till the end to know more about Chime spending limits and Chime Deposit limits.

Working of Chime Spending Limit Account

chime deposit limit

The Chime Spending Account is also known as the Chime Checking Account and helps you to receive your payments earlier also it does not charge any minimum balance or overdraft fee. Compared to other traditional banks the Chime spending limit accounts for the regular direct deposits to it and enables you to procure your payments. 

Chime Withdrawal (Spending) Limits

Chime daily withdrawal limits depend on the methods of withdrawal, but there are no limits to withdraw funds by using the Chime Visa debit card per day. The Chime divided its spending limits into four sections. They are mentioned below:-

1. Over the Counter Withdrawals

Over the Counter Chime Withdrawal has a limit of $500. But, the number of withdrawals has no limits. When you present your Chime visa debit card to a bank or credit union to request a withdrawal. Then there is a Chime fee of $2.50 per transaction. This is the addition of fees set forth by banks or credit unions. 

2. Cash Back at POS

 The point of sale of cashback is the limit of $500 per day. It includes the cashback when you get after shopping at stores like Walmart, Target, Winn-Dixie, and other locations. Each retailer has maximized the cashback amount. Some allow up to $100 and others only $40. 

3. ATM withdrawal

The Chime daily withdrawal limit of ATMs is $500 per day. Individual ATMs make their own limits that are lower than Chimes. You have to make separate withdrawals to get more money. 

4. Card Purchase

It means that the total withdrawals from sources that include ATM withdrawals, over-the-counter withdrawals, cash backs, and purchases, that up to $2500 per day and you are not allowed to increase the limits. 

Reset Chime Spending Limit

The Chime members don’t have any provision to reset the limits. These can automatically adjust depending on your time and frequency of withdrawal.

Chime Spotme

chime spotme

This is another convenient and exciting feature of the Chime that was known as Chime spot. It can help you when you need to bear an expense. But, it’s only available if you receive a deposit of $500 per month. 

They also have a limit of up to $20. 

Reset Chime Spotme Limit

The Chime spots me gives you an option to increase the spotme limit. You have to maintain a good precious account record to use the features. The Chime verifies the status of the account and through this, you can increase the spotme limits from $20 to $100. Those who received $500 through direct deposit in 31 days are eligible to spotme.  

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Chime Deposit Limit

The Chime doesn’t accept cash deposits but you can add money to your account. Follow the below mentioned multiple ways:-

1. Direct Deposit

  • Initially, tap on “Move Money” in-app. 
  • Go to the page with the routing number and account number that is needed by the employer. 
  • Then, select the pre-filled forms that are forwarded to the employer from email or print. 

Now, there are no limits to the amount being directly deposited. 

2. Fund Transfer

You can easily and quickly transfer funds to your checking account from the Chime app:-

  • Select ‘move money’ 
  • Then tap on Transfers and followed by ‘transfer funds’. 

You can transfer the money six times per month from a savings account. If the financial institution is supported then you can also send money from external accounts. It will be up to $200 per day and $1,000 per month. 

3. Mobile Check Deposit

You can deposit a traditional check to your account by utilizing Chime’s mobile check deposit. It can be done by adding a few pictures and some information then funds will be added to the account quickly. 

4. Cash Deposit

You can select the 90,000 retail locations to deposit cash. The retailers use third-party services like Green Dot, to load funds into Chime Spending Account. 

Below is the list of retailers include:-

  • Dollar General
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Circle K
  • Walmart
  • 7-Eleven
  • Kwik Trip
  • Family Dollar

To find the retailers near you follow the steps by logging into the Chime app, then click on the “Move Money” and then “deposit cash”, lastly, you can tap on “see locations near me”.

This option will give you permission to make three deposits per day, but the three deposits will be less than $1000 and it can’t exceed $10,000 per month. 

Chime’s ATM Network

Chime ATM network

The Chime provides a large ATM customer-centric system with no in-network ATM fees. It works with MoneyPass and VisaPlus Alliance.

  • Visa 

It is a commonly known and widely accepted financial product. The Visa gives Chime’s debit card a license, they also accept every ATM that accepts the Visa debit card. 

  • MoneyPass

The MoneyPass is not known by many people but its network has more than 1,700 organizations and 95 million users. For fee-free use, you can easily find either a MoneyPass or Visa Alliance ATM. 

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How to Find Chime ATM

To find the Chime ATM and CashBack, you can go to its website and the mobile applications. You can find the ATM map located on the right corner in the recent version of applications. You will find ATMs and cashback near your locations and some merchants that offer cashback like Target, Walmart, CVS, and many more. 

Out of Network ATM fees

If you decide to use the outside ATM of Chime’s largest network then expect to pay the fee of $2.50. Remember that the fee is strictly from Chime, not from the ATM provider. But the extra additional fee is added by the ATM operator and it is different from the Chime’s fee. 

How to Use Connected Account?

Chime connected account

For iOS users running app version 3.3 or later, the external bank accounts that linked to the Chime Checking Account now occur in the widget on the home page of the Chime mobile app. Then, initiate the transfers between accounts from locations. 

Can’t see a Balance on the Connected Account?

Before Jan 2016 if you are connected account then you are unable to see the balance. If you want to see the balance then delete and relink the account. 

Follow the below steps to delete linked account from Chime Checking Account:-

  • Initially, click your name in the right corner and select the setting option. 
  • Then, scroll the list and choose the account that you want to delete to expose unlink buttons and click on unlink. 
  • For iPhone users- select settings and the gear icon is in the upper left corner. And for Android users- select settings, and options will be on the side menu. 
  • Now, swipe left the account to delete to expose the delete button and choose delete. 

Re-add your account:-

  • Firstly, move to the transfer screen or Move Money section of the software. 
  • Now, from the transfers screen, tap on the Checking Account option. 
  • When you see a link another bank account option then enter the login details. 

Final Word!

In this article, we discuss What is Chime Spending Limit. Above we mentioned all the pieces of information about this topic that we hope will be helpful for you and solve all the issue that appears. If you face any problem then visit our other posts or feel free to contact customer care.