Chime Bank Review: Accounts, Features, and Utilities Reviewed

In this era of constant changes, one of the major changes faced by this generation is the digitalisation of maximum sectors. Similarly, changing the way of banking, the chime is an efficient and newer version of banking. Chime allows you to switch from traditional banking to online banking easily and conveniently. Along with the services provided by other traditional banks, chime provides many additional banking operations to its clients. If you are willing to know more about Chime, keep reading to get a full chime review.

As a bank account holder, all an individual need is trust, comfort and efficiency promised by their bank. With thousands of account holders, chime provides all these features under one roof. All the banking operations provided by Chime are easily available to the users using their smartphone or desktop from any corner of the world. So, let’s begin with the Chime review.

Banking Services Offered By Chime

In 2013, Chime was initiated with the idea of making banking operations easy and accessible for all. However, in the time of pandemic and world crisis, the demand for banking from home experienced a strong hike. Hence, building a bigger network of trust for Chime as per the chime review.

Chime offers many banking and accounting services to its clients. Accessing features is also becoming simple with the help of the chime mobile application.

Services offered Chime

Following are the services offered by Chime banking to the users:

  • Chime debit card
  • Online mode of payments
  • Account or portal access
  • Tracking of expenses and related queries
  • Fixed deposits and other investment options
  • Cashbacks and returns on payment via chime card
  • Regular notifications of activities via email and phone
  • Easy to reach and accessible customer service numbers
  • A complaint or query resolution with email or phone
  • More than 60,000 ATMs around the United States
  • No hidden charges from the users

And many more. These services offered by chime makes it one of the best options for online and easy banking amongst people.

Account Option On Chime

Before jumping on account options, it is important to note that all the services offered by Chime are free of cost and does not come up with any hidden charges.

For users around the globe, chime banking services provide two major types of banking accounts. Namely:

  • Savings account
  • Spending account

Chime Savings account

chime saving account

If you are a working professional, a homemaker, a student Or simply have a goal of saving more money, the chime savings account is for you. The savings account offered by chime is one of the best ways to keep a fixed amount of funds aside and grow these savings. As per chime review in the latest years, the savings account has helped thousands of people in achieving their savings goals.

The savings account of chime provides this option at a 0.50{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3} rate AYI. This rate is comparatively lower than the other banks. Still, a lot of users only prefer it for online banking.

The chime savings account comes with two different options. The users can choose any savings account as per their set goal and their rate of savings. The two options available for users interested in savings account on chime are

Save when spending

This feature allows you to save the cents you neglect. Once this option is taken by the user, every transaction made by chime is rounded off to its nearest amount in dollars saving you some extra cents or even dollars. This money is then transferred to your savings account. This might look very less in the beginning, yet it is a very fine way of saving money off shopping for the essentials.

Save when earned

Every account that chooses this option, unlocks the opportunity to transfer a fixed percentage of big amounts being transferred to your account. For example, you can easily set 10-20{9c2025c5154a63d31f962cfe65d3ef6a6229783b0d476b05c3e2c719512dbfa3} as a transferable amount whenever your account is credited with say, 1000 dollars or less. This way, you can save money as soon as your payment is credited.

You can choose any savings account to achieve your savings goals. After all, the money saved is money earned.

Spending Account

chime spending account

The spending account offered by chime is a great way to segregate your savings from your expenditure. This account comes with debit card access for users to use for different transactions around the world. One of the major features provided by the spending account on chime is a cheque feature. Although the clients can not write checks in favour of any individual, they can use the chequebook feature provided by a chime.

The chequebook feature allows the users to write a virtual cheque for any account which will be sent to the account holder personally by chime itself. This feature allows the users to write actual cheques which will be sent to the recipient in a proper traditional paper format by a chime. However, you can use this feature from any corner of the world. Although the account holder can be at any location, the recipient address must lie in the 60 states including Columbia.

Along with this feature, the users can use the chime visa Or debit card for ATM transactions from the machines installed across the US. Also, the users can transfer the money from their spending account to the savings account using the chime mobile application.

If you want to know the procedure and requirement for opening a Chime a bank account, you may visit our detailed article on that.

Chime Mobile Application And Customer Service

All the services offered by chime can be accessed easily by a tap on your device. The online portal and the mobile application of chime allows the users to access all the features with safety and security while seating at home. The following features of the chime mobile application make it a better banking option

Chime mobile application

  • Allows to transfer money from one account to another
  • Deposit and track the status of cheques
  • Allows the users to pay different bills using the amount available
  • Available on IoS and android platforms separately
  • No charges associated with the app on monthly basis or initially
  • Account notifications regarding savings and expenses
  • Available for investment options in the market
  • Freeze or block chime visa card in case it gets stolen or lost
  • Receive notifications as per transaction all the day

And many more such features and services are offered by chime mobile application for all the users at any location in the world.

As for customer care, different numbers and emails are available to send the complaints and requests. Also, regular request tracking is available for the users. The customer care number available on the official website can be reached in case you want to put requests or queries regarding your chime account. Usually, it takes around 1-3 business days to process a request initiated by the users. However, the email may take a longer time to be process.

Chime Bank For Different People

Although the network of chime banking is huge and hence, contains professionals from different domains, the major users are either freelancers or small business owners. If you are thinking of creating a chime account for savings or easy transactions, you need to examine what chime is and what people can make the most benefit out of it. As per the chime reviews, it is found best suitable for people falling in the listed category

  • If you prefer individual banking of a particular account
  • If you wish to segregate your expenses and savings according to your income
  • Other than that, If you have least or no credit history and wish to start an account
  • If you prefer to choose online and digital banking over the traditional offline banks
  • You wish to create a systematic flow of your income and further, its distribution
  • If you do not like waiting in the queues for filling out forms and submitting cheques
  • If you fear getting infections from a bank site while activating your card or transferring money
  • You do not wish to pay any additional amount on the services you are being offered
  • You are tired of tracking the monthly charges applied by your bank

If any such inconvenience is making you switch your bank, chime banking services are your best choice. In any case, you can choose chime banking as your banking operation provider and hence, make your experience easier and more efficient than ever. Also, it is best suited for smartphone users and tech-savvy youngsters who can track their account activities within seconds.

Chime Credit Card Review

Chime credit card

If you have experienced some downfalls or expenses while using a credit card offered by your bank, chime comes to your rescue to offer you a credit card that will make it better. This chime credit card allows you to build your credit score by paying different bills and processing transactions through your chime account.

Widely known as the credit builder chime card, the credit card offered by chime offers many advantages for users around the globe. Due to its high ratings as per the chime credit builder reviews accumulated from different sources, it is found to be very efficient for building up a good credit score.

The account holders having a running or existing spending account in the chime can apply for this card. One of the most favourable aspects stated by the chime credit builder review is that this card comes with no extra charges or any annual payment for its users.

One of the easiest ways to boost up your credit score is by applying for a credit-builder chime card. As soon as you open an account for this card, an additional 30 points are added to your credit score. However, with each transaction and transfer of money from the savings account to the spending account, your credit score is boosted. You get good points for paying bills through this card or simply increasing your spending account balance. It makes it easier for the users to achieve a good credit score without any additional charges or hidden charges associated with the services.

Chime Review: Advantages

There are many features and benefits of using Chime as your banking service provider. Some of the advantages of choosing Chime are explained below

  • No hidden charges- all the services provided by chime are free of cost. Other than this, there are no hidden charges for these services. From getting a credit card to simply submitting a cheque, you can perform all the banking operations without paying additional charges to Chime.
  • Easy to access- given that chime is a new technology bank service provider, all the features and services are available online. The users can access their accounts and related activities by simply using their smartphones from anywhere in the world. There is no restriction from Chime on accessing services from different places on the globe.
  • the users can also get cash from a wide range of ATMs in the US planted by Chime. All you need to get some quick cash is the chime debit card and that’s it.
  • Safety and security- now, users can sit at their home, safe and sound and still perform all the banking activities via their chime account providing you with an additional layer of safety and security.

Some of the other advantages of a chime account are

  • Enhances your credit score
  • The chime debit card works at all places
  • Virtual and actual cheque writing available
  • Early access to the salary Or any direct deposit
  • Easy to use application available on IoS and android platform

Chime Review: Disadvantages

Here are the drawbacks of the chime account as per the chime card reviews and experts. The drawbacks of chime include

  • Only virtual interaction with the bank may result in unsatisfactory services
  • Difficulty in depositing cash directly to the spending account
  • Lesser annual rate than other banks in the market
  • ATM network limited to the US
  • Offers less number of services online
  • Moreover, Less human to human interaction causes a lack of trust

Although these drawbacks are a reason why the chime card reviews are not in their favour, these issues are fixed with consultation from the chime experts.


Chime allows you to utilize all the major banking tools by using your smartphone. Also, the chime credit card helps you to build a better credit score over time. The users can open different forms of accounts as per their convenience and requirement. So, if you are looking for a bank that helps you to save money and allows you to access these tools whilst sitting at your home without any charges, Chime is your Catch.