15 Best Accounting Firms for you to Hire in New York [2022]

If you are among them who search for the best accounting firms in New York, then the entire post is for you. 

To aid you in your search, we have compiled a list of the top accounting firms in New York City. So, just browse below and get to know which can best suit your accounting needs. The list below will bring you all the essential data that will surely help in making the best decision. From the PWC LLP to Marcum LLP, every firm is located in New York. So you don’t need to worry about traveling interstate whenever an accounting need comes up. This is because New York city has abundant but top-notch accounting behemoths. 

List of the Best Accounting Firms in New York

1. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) LLP

Best accounting firms in NYC

PwC firms are located in 157 countries. It serves 84 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses. Not only that but it employs more than 284,000 people. Its revenues were estimated at $43 billion for the 12 months ending June 31, 2020. By revenue, it is considered to be the second-largest accounting firm in the country. 

At PwC, you will find an essential environment of diversity and inclusion. The company respects and supports an inclusive culture by acknowledging the new ideas each individual brings to the table. Consequently, the client stops their search here as they find broad thinking and perspectives. The idea of work across differences leads to its inclusive purpose. As shared backgrounds, interests help in sustaining inclusive culture, external community networks, connecting clients, promoting leadership, providing awareness,  advocacy education, and many more. 

To bring these efforts, they offer several activities listed below: 

  • Veterans Affinity Network
  • Disability Caregivers Network
  • Women’s Networking Circles
  • OPEN (Out Professionals Employee Network) Circles
  • Professionals with Disabilities Network
  • Parenting Circles
  • Minority Circles
At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • A collaborative culture, dedicated, hardworking, and brilliant people. 
  • Challenging high-quality work – continuous client satisfaction.

2. Deloitte

best public accounting firms to work for

Deloitte offers consulting, tax, audit, and advisory services to many of the world’s largest organizations. Their network of member firms spans more than 150 countries and territories.  Moreover, their client service professionals work across 20 industry sectors such as resources, industrials, financial services, health care, technology, media, public services, government, telecommunication, public sector, consumer, energy, and life sciences. Deloitte organization has booked around revenues of $47.6 billion in fiscal 2020. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Cooperative staff, great team, strong workforce, amazing service.
  • They provide their services to the best clients in a variety of industries. Thereupon, continually challenged to grow. 


best accounting firms,

The firm has more than 100 offices across the U.K with more than 33,000 employees. KPMG LLP has earned its name among accounting’s Big 4. It comes fourth among the largest accounting firm in the U.S. by revenues. Their member firms are established in 146 countries and territories. KPMG works for clients in 17 industry sectors such as building, construction and real estate, food, drink, and consumer goods, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, media and telecommunications, high growth markets, emerging markets, Japanese practice, banking, and capital markets,  investment management, retail, private enterprise, natural resources, chemical, venture capitals, private equity and so on. 

The firm also beats 125 companies and comes at the 10th place for four consecutive years. Furthermore, the company has several records in its name. Through various records and titles, it appears to be one of the most prestigious companies to work with. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Brightest and best employs, always ready to help you. World-class clientele base. 
  • Uncountable challenges solved. 

4. Friedman LLP

best accounting firms to work for

The firm is famous for providing accounting, business services, tax to public and private companies since 1924. Although, the company wins many awards the most recent one is “Fastest Growing Firms”. Friedman LLP has received it for organic growth by Inside Public Accounting and both Philadelphia Business Journal. Apart from this, long Island Business News ranked Friedman as a “2020 Best Place to Work.” Moreover, the company has the largest member firm of DFK International and employs more than 700 people including 95 partners.  

The company initiated Summer Fridays to bring more flexibility towards work. Through this program, the employees would work extended hours Monday through Thursday and have Fridays off from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The program is still functioning since its introduction in 2008. Also, the company provides Everyday Workplace Flexibility for all employees to have a proper work-life balance.

Some of the activities of Friedman culture include staff appreciation days and team building activities. It helps to engage teammates and their families throughout the year. Most importantly, the company has Vacation Bank Program which is used to donate vacation time to other employees that may be struggling with a family emergency or other circumstances.  

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Work-life balance and flexibilitySummer Fridays
  • You will find everyone as your family


best accounting firms to work for 2021

RSM US LLP is the leading provider of tax, audit, and consulting services focused on the middle market. In its latest fiscal year, the firm has won revenues of around $2.8 million. The main purpose of the firm is to deliver the power of being understood to their colleagues, clients, and communities.

The company is focused on evolving leading professionals and services to meet their evolving needs in today’s changing business environment. Moreover, RSM US LLP is a U.S. member of RSM International, a global network of consulting firms and independent audit tax with more than 43,000 people in 120+ countries. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Flexibility and work/life balance.Growth opportunities
  • Great people and great team-oriented culture 
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6. Baker Tilly US, LLP 

Best accounting firms in NYC,

Baker Tilly is headquartered in Chicago. It is an advisory CPA firm that ranks among the top 15 largest CPA firms in the U.S. The firm provides its services to clients of every state with 4,600 team members including 440 partners. It comes under the largest member firm of Baker Tilly International, the world’s 10th largest network, comprising 123 independent accounting and business services firms in 148 territories together with 36,000 professionals. 

If talking about the revenue then its independent member firms have combined revenues of $4.0 billion. Also, it has operations in South America, Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. Yes, it comes under the best accounting firms in New York. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Powerful workforce, Dedicated bookkeeping team. Exceptional Sefrvices
  • Flexibility

7. Moss Adams LLP

best public accounting firms to work for

The company offers Consulting, Wealth management, and accounting services. The firm has come into the business nearly 110 years back. As of now, the company has more than 3400 professionals across 25 locations. Private and not-for-profit organizations are also served in more than 30 industries such as hospitality, consumer products, health care, manufacturing, agribusiness, dealer services, consumer products, government services, tribal and gaming, and lastly power and utilities. 

By revenue, it tops the nation’s 11th largest and best accounting firm that booked $768 million in its latest fiscal year. Furthermore, Moss Adams is a founding member of Praxity, a global alliance of auditing companies with a total of more than 60,000 professionals. Not only that but it also offers services for private clients and individuals.

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Highest client rating. 
  • Competent resources & cooperative workforce. 
  • Flexibility in schedules.

8. CohnReznick LLP

best accounting firms,

CohnReznick LLP is the 14th largest accounting firm in the U.S. The firm has booked around $689 million in revenues. Also, the firm offers assurance, advisory, tax services to numerous services such as financial services, technology, not-for-profit, cannabis, law firms, private clients, hospitality, renewable energy, life sciences, and lots more. CohnReznick was named to the Accounting MOVE Project Best CPA Firms for Women List for the continuous three years. 

You should be very focused on, three points that include expertise, initiative, point of view, to be more strong in this field. This is how the company realizes the vision of forwarding thinking organizations. CohnReznick is one of the best accounting firms in New York as it ranks 9th among the top 50. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Top-notch accounting support.
  • Advanced resources. 


best accounting firms to work for

BDO USA, LLP is among the world’s largest accounting and advisory organizations serving in the middle market. It has more than 91,000 people working out of over 1,600 offices in 167 countries. BDO’s revenue is estimated at $1.8 billion in 2020. Also, it provides digital services, advisory, tax, assurance to a wide range of privately held and publicly traded companies. 

The firm offers its employees a sooting environment to work. Moreover, it also provides mentorship for employees to develop and grow as professionals. The firm deals in various sectors such as life sciences, government contracting, natural resources, private equity, real estate, retail, professional services, manufacturing and distribution, leisure, hospitality, nonprofit and education, etc. 

The company believes not just in hiring employees but also in providing better skills to make them better professionals.  

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Schedule flexibility and work/life balance
  • A good and amazing team of people.
  • Learning and growth opportunities

10. Schellman & Co.

best accounting firms to work for 2021

The company is the 65th largest CPA firm in the U.S. according to revenues. In its latest fiscal year, the firm booked almost $77 million in revenues. Moreover, the firm focuses only on certification and attestation services that include ISO certification, cloud security assessments, payment card assessments, cybersecurity assessments, healthcare assessments, privacy assessments, and lots more. Avani Desai is the CEO and founder of the firm that employs more than 270 people. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Have some great compensation and benefits. 
  • Quality workforce. 
  • Great clients and challenging work. 
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Best accounting firms in NYC,

CBIZ delivers and provides financial services, benefits, and insurance services through its two core divisions. The firm has two core divisions CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services and CBIZ MHM, LLC. Together, CBIZ and MHM come under the 10 largest accounting service providers.  The firm provides several outsourced business services that include consulting services in areas like operational, and human capital solutions for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. 

More than that, MHM delivers attest, review, and audit services. Also, it serves clients around the U.S in different institutions like retail, private equity, professional services, technology, entertainment, construction, agribusiness, hospitality, real estate, and life sciences, etc. 

These leading points will ensure you that it is yet another best accounting firm in New York. 

  • Always ensure to provide personal and professional growth of our team members.
  • Also, understand the major importance of balance between our personal, professional, and community lives. 
  • Respect the communities in which the team members live and work. 
  • Your hard work, effort, and contributions will surely get recognition from the company. 
  • Value individuality and diversity as well as extend dignity to all. 
At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Flexibility and work/life balance
  • Caring, friendly, thoughtful, and easy to talk to staff
  • You can get access to a diverse group of great clients

12. Frank Rimerman + Co. LLP

best public accounting firms to work for

Certainly, The firm specialized in offering accounting services to clients who all are leaders in their industries. Moreover, Frank Rimerman + Co. LLP has the only motto that says “Passion works here”. From its several services, tax planning makes up the biggest chunk of the firm’s earnings. Also, it brings $115 million in revenues, audit, and assurance. The services provided to clients involved in distribution, real estate, professional services, and agriculture. 

The company offers direct hands-on learning with its comprehensive training programs. Also, there is a mentor staff to help them out in finding the best fit. Like any other firm, this also believes in teamwork. That in turn, helps them to bring out the best from everyone. 

At a Glance
Key Elements to Consider
  • Phenomenal client service. 
  • Brilliant Bookkeeping service. 

13. PKF O’Connor Davies

best accounting firms to work for 2021

The firm is a full-service accounting and advisory firm that offers tax, consulting, and audit services to international and domestic clients. Take a note that PKF O’Connor Davies is at the 27th rank on the Top 100 Firms list of Accounting Today’s 2021. Moreover, the firm gains its reputation as one of the seven largest firms located in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

The firm represents the worldwide network of advisory firms and legally independent accounting. Not only this, but it becomes the bridge between clients and professionals by locating their firms in more than 400 locations and 150 countries. 

14. Eide Bailly LLP

best accounting firms to work for

Eide Bailly LLP is the 20th largest U.S. accounting firm by annual revenue. The firm focuses majorly on three key business issues that include optimization, future-readiness, and digital transformation. However, digital transformation has several services within it like technology consulting, cybersecurity, implementation and integration, bookkeeping, consulting, human resource, cost segregation, overall advice and guidance, and many more. Future readiness has services like wealth planning, ownership, fraud, risk advisory, R&D, and many more. 

The firm has a worldwide network of around 968 offices and 32,839 people in 159 countries. You should look for this accounting firm as it not only serves other different industries but also provides its services to other different areas. They also encourage their employee and staff members to move towards their dreams and interests. 

15. Marcum LLP

best accounting firms

Marcum LLP is an accounting and advisory firm located in New York. It also has 30 U.S. offices in several regions across the county. In addition, eight offices in China, Ireland, and Cayman. If we take the data of Accounting Today’s 2021 then the company is the 15th largest accounting firm in the U.S. by revenue. Also, it booked around $689 in 2020. The firm consequently has appeared on the list of Crain’s New York Business magazine’s “One of the best accounting firms to hire in New York City.”  Marcom works with 300 partners and 2200 people.

Certainly, Marcum LLP brings a great career with exceptional benefits. The employees are provided a world of opportunity, flexible work options, a highly competitive salary, industry-leading technology, exceptional benefits.  Evidently, the company trusts their employee and their contribution to the company’s growth. Also, Marcum assures you of multiple benefits packages such as dental, health, vision, long-term disability, transit benefits, and much more. 

Final Word!

We hope that you have sorted out the best accounting firms to hire. Also, don’t forget to share with us which company you like the most. From these 15 companies, you can easily choose the best one. We have provided all the data related to this post. As the companies are located in New York, you can also share the article with anyone who is in search of the same.