4 Best Accounting Firm In Boise, Idaho

Boise, ID is home to one of the most well-known accounting firms in the region. The firm has been in operation for over 40 years, and has consistently been one of the top performing firms in the area. The accounting firm offers a wide range of services to its clients, including audits, financial statements, and tax preparation.

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What to Look for When Choosing an Accounting Firm?

When choosing an accounting firm, it is important to consider a variety of factors. Some key factors to consider include the firm’s size, location, services offered, and reputation.

  • Size

When choosing an accounting firm, size is important. You want to choose an accounting firm that has enough staff to handle your business. Large accounting firms are often better equipped to provide a variety of services, such as financial consulting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. You can also get bookkeeping service in boise. bookkeeping  record all of your income and expenses, track payments, reconcile accounts, and generate financial reports. Bookkeeping services can save you a lot of time and stress by taking care of these tasks for you and ensuring accuracy.

Best Accounting Firm In Boise

  • Location

Location is also important when choosing an accounting firm. You want to choose an accounting firm that is close to your business location. This will make it easier for you to visits the office and discuss your business needs.

  • Services

When choosing an accounting firm, it is important to consider the services offered. Some important services to consider include financial consulting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation.

  • Reputation

When choosing an accounting firm, it is important to consider the firm’s reputation. Look for an accounting firm that has a good reputation in the industry. This will give you assurance that the firm is knowledgeable and experienced in accounting and taxation.

accounting firms in boise

Benefits of Working with an Accounting Firm

No matter what industry you work in, there are certain standards of accounting that must be met. In the business world, accounting firms play an important role in maintaining the books and financial records of their clients. They also provide a variety of other services, such as bookkeeping and tax preparation.

  • When you work with an accounting firm, you get the benefit of its years of experience and expertise. The staff at an accounting firm is trained to handle a variety of financial transactions and prepare financial statements in a accurate and consistent manner.
  • Working with an accounting firm can also help you to conserve time and effort. The staff at an accounting firm will do all the work necessary to prepare your financial statements and tax returns, and you can focus on your core business.
  • In addition, an accounting firm can provide you with a number of tools and resources that will help you to run your business more effectively. For example, an accounting firm can provide you with a financial statements template, a budget template, and a cash flow analysis.
  • If you are looking for a resource that can help you to maintain your financial records, navigate your tax liabilities, and enhance your bottom line, then an accounting firm is a great choice.

Top Accounting Firms in Boise

There are 4 top accounting firms in Boise:

Strike Tax Advisory

Strike Tax Advisory

Strikes R&D and Employee Retention tax experts are wellversed in finding unclaimed government credits available to businesses. Our team utilizes a variety of resources to uncover credits including researching applicable case law, reading the latest issued regulations, and staying up to date with the most current legislation.

Founded: 2019
Service Focus: 100% Accounting
Location: 1020 W Main Street, #270 Boise



When it comes to finding a small business partner like that in the Boise area, you can trust JTC CPAs will help you assess your current situation and make the best decisions for your business. They have decades of experience in the Boise area, and can help you develop a personalized plan that meets your business goals. 

Founded: 2008
Service Focus: 100% Accounting
Location: 6213 N Cloverdale Rd #130 Boise

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Blueback Accounting

Blueback Accounting

Blueback Accounting is a boutique accounting company in Boise, Idaho on a mission to help business owners succeed. We specialize in small business accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services. We understand the unique needs of small businesses and provide customized solutions tailored to each businesss individual needs.

Founded: 2011
Service Focus: 100% Accounting
Location: 1001 N 27th St. Boise

Whittaker & Associates, Inc.

Whittaker & Associates, Inc.

Whittaker & Associates, Inc. experienced team of advisors has the expertise to provide the right advice and solutions to successfully meet the goals and objectives of our clients. They strive to create longterm relationships and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of professional service.

Founded: 1992
Service Focus: 100% Accounting
Location: 155 E. 50th St. Suite A Garden City

Why Choose an Accounting Firm in Boise?

Choosing an accounting firm in Boise can be a great decision for your business:

  • First, we have a talented and experienced team of accountants that can help you manage your finances and taxes correctly.
  • Second, our firm is known for its witty and clever explanations of accounting and tax concepts.
  • Finally, our location in Boise makes it easy for us to provide our services to businesses in the area.

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Advantages of Working with a Local Accounting Firm

There are a few reasons why you might want to work with a local accounting firm.

  • First, a local firm is likely to be more attentive to your specific needs. They know the area and the businesses in it, and will be better equipped to help you with your accounting needs.
  • Second, a local firm is likely to be more responsive to your needs. They are likely to have more experience working with local businesses, and will be more likely to be able to answer your questions quickly.
  • And finally, a local firm is likely to be more cost-effective. By working with a local firm, you can save on travel and other expenses associated with working with a larger accounting firm.


Having an accounting firm in Boise can help businesses keep accurate records and track their finances. This can help ensure that businesses are able to meet their financial obligations and stay in good standing with creditors.